Renovation Design Services

Whether you make the decision to renovate one room in your home or your entire house, Anden Design/Build’s renovation design services will guide you along the way. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new build or are simply refreshing your current space, you’ll love what Anden has to offer.  

Each project we take on begins with a free consultation so that we can determine your needs and the scope of the project. After we work with you to learn exactly what you want, we will employ our renovation design services to ensure your vision is turned into reality. This part of the renovation process is the most important – it allows us to take the steps we need in order to make sure the end result is exactly what you have in mind.  

We use your current space as a starting point for what can be added and removed. After we’ve determined what is possible, we work with our designers to help shape the space. Our designers have a lot of creative ideas, so if you’re feeling stuck or don’t have any particular ideas in mind, we can help you settle on the design that will be best in your space. We’ll be able to look at your space with a fresh perspective and show you the possible ways we can incorporate certain themes, styles and colours.

Some of Anden’s design services include:

Anden Design/Build serves London and Southwestern Ontario’s renovation needs. If you’re doing a basement renovation or bathroom renovation, you’ll want to see how we can help transform your space. Contact us for a free quote today!